When trying to overcome the darker days…

We may all be familiar with those days when we feel sluggish, demotivated and quite generally just down in the slumps. It may be difficult to get out of bed and do the day to day activities we have planned to do. However if there is anything that can make these feelings worse, it is giving in to them.

I decided to share some tips that have really helped me overcome days like these and get back on track and in a better state of mind.

  1. Wake up and get up.

It is so easy to give in to demotivation and want to lie in bed all day, but doing this is going to make it even more difficult to overcome being in a rut. Set your alarm for a decent time in the morning and make yourself a healthy breakfast that is going to give you a good start to the day. My personal favorite is plain oatmeal topped with cinnamon, banana and berries, alongside a warm green tea!

2. Get as close as you can to sunshine.

I would say this is the most important way to motivate myself when I have fallen into a sluggish period. I am one of those people whose moods depend largely upon the weather and simply opening the blinds at my windows and sitting where the sun shines in, makes an enormous difference to my day. We have all heard the benefits that vitamin D provides to our body, but I feel its ability to boost moods has been largely undermined.


3. Plan.

I am one of those people whose behavioral style has been considered analytical, this means I make lots of lists. I think planning is an important way to motivate oneself as you make it clear to yourself what you want to accomplish that day. There are many sources that you may find helpful in identifying which methods of planning work best for you. One suggestion can be found on Elle Fowler’s YouTube channel, where she shares her planner and creative ideas.

4. Exercise.

This is very important and I suggest you incorporate some sort of exercise in your everyday schedule, either 15 to 45 minutes a day. Exercising will help to release happy endorphins to your body and boost your mood. Not including the benefits it brings to your physical body which that itself can help motivate you and boost ones overall confidence.

5. Incorporate something that you enjoy.

I find when I have something to look forward to in a day, either make one of my favorite meals, going to see a movie with a friend or do a little shopping, I tend to feel excited and more motivated as I know I am doing something I enjoy later. Even planning part of your day doing something that helps you relax and replenish, either a personal pamper evening or a walk on the beach. This way, you can accomplish all that you wanted during the day and then have fun that evening!


These are a few tips that I live by and I hope they also help you when trying to overcome those days where you just cant seem to get happy and motivated!



One thought on “When trying to overcome the darker days…

  1. Good advice! I’m one of those people that have to push myself to exercise but once I do, I feel so much better. I also live on an Island and the walks on the beach are very relaxing and stress free. Like your blog! Mooma 😊

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