20 Things About Me for 20 Years of Age

1.Born and raised in Bermuda

2. Attended University for 3 years in Ontario, Canada

3. I am an only child

4. Whales are my favorite animal

5. I am 5 ft. and 3 in. tall

6. I love palm trees and sunny days

7. I have been vegetarian for 7 years

8. I enjoy cooking, reading and watching YouTube in my free time

9. I have two cats and one dog

10. I have never broken a bone

11. I have never had a piercing

12. I am very energetic and am always thinking of the next thing to do

13. I enjoy reading “good” books

14. I love to tan

15. In high school I was on the relay team and I loved it

16. I have bad luck when taking care of fish

17. I love all candles

18. I live for Christmas

19. Friends and family are very important to me

20. I give really good advice

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