March Favorites :)

I thought I would share a few things that I have been loving this month. I love reading posts like this. I think its a great way to come across new things as well as hear peoples feedback. So here are mine 🙂


  1. Vitamin E Moisturizer by The Body Shop


Ever since moving to Canada for university my skin has become very dry. This is the only moisturizer I have found that actually works for me! It is a thin, cooling consistency and I use it once in the morning and once before bed. Whenever I have that dry, tight feeling on my face, a layer of this moisturizer instantly gives my face the moisture it needs. I have recommended it to both friends and family and now they are in love with it too. I actually live by it!

2. Oat and Honey facemask by The Body Shop


This facemask works wonders paired with the Vitamin E moisturizer. You can imagine what the consistency of the facemask is judging by the name, a very chunky but thirst quenching mask. I rub a thick layer over my entire face, leave on for about 15 minutes and then wipe off and my skin instantly feels refreshed and I notice a significant difference in dryness!

3. Moisture Maniac Shampoo by Bed Head

I cannot actually say this shampoo works great on its own as I use it with other Tresemme products but nevertheless, it made it on my favorites list. I use this shampoo last when doing my hair routine and it makes my hair silky and soft and gives it the boost it needs when feeling flat and dry. Also it makes my hair smell amazing which us girls know is a major bonus!



  1. Coloring Books IMG_8621

Yes I know this isn’t for reading but I know we have all heard about the new trends of adult coloring books. One day I decided to splurge and bought myself a really nice one and have found myself carrying it around with me in my bag and coloring between classes! Its a good way to relax and I recommend it for anxious people. One of my close friends has anxiety and she has turnt to coloring to help clear her mind. Trust me and treat yourself to a coloring book if you haven’t already! 🙂


TV Shows / Movies:

  1. Covert Affairs

My friend recommended this TV show to me and since starting it, I have been obsessed. If you enjoy CIA drama, plot twists, strong characters as well as a mix of relationships, you will love Covert Affairs. There are 5 seasons and I am on the last few episodes! 😦 I am going to begin withdrawal soon!

2. London has Fallen

I went to see this movie on my Birthday and loved it! Its one of those movies, when you walk out of the theatre you feel like you have suddenly become some crazy person who is now capable of conquering crime. 😛 Full of action with awesome actors, including the amazing Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler. Go see!



  1. Zoella

If I am not spending my free time writing, watching Covert Affairs or cooking, then I am most likely watching YouTube. I have been watching Zoella for many years now and am still obsessed with her videos. She has two channels, if your like me who likes to follow what she does during her days she uploads vlogs occasionally on MoreZoella, or if you are interested in beauty, fashion and baking, then check out her main channel, Zoella.

2. Roman Atwood

I would recommend Roman Atwood’s channel to anyone. He became known as a prankster but now has expanded into vlogging his life everyday along with his family and run their own business known as Smile More. As you can judge from the name of the store, his videos are very motivational, uplifting and family orientated along with his prank channel, it is my favorite way to let hours pass by. Honestly would suggest to incorporate one of his daily vlogs into your daily schedule to start you off in a positive mood for the day as his videos are full of smiles no matter what and he is very encouraging and motivational!

3. Lucy Wyndham-Read

The last YouTube channel I have been loving is for a slightly different reason. Lucy is a trained personal fitness and I have been working out to her videos Monday to Saturday every week for the past month. Her workouts work, trust me! They are short to help incorporate working out in most people’s busy schedules, however they are still very effective. She focuses on toning and HIIT workouts and in each video has a high and a low intensity option for people who are just beginning. Go take a look at her channel! 🙂



  1. ChiliIMG_8601

I recently uploaded a post about how I make my vegan chili which I have been obsessed with this month. I am not normally able to eat the same food for long periods of time as I normally get tired of them but this has not happened with my chili. I have made it twice this month, each time lasting me a week. I don’t know if its the weather contributing to these cravings but I do know it is amazing! Check out that post and give it a try!

2. Chocolate IMG_8542

Of course this is in this month’s favorites. Its Easter! I have been eating a little too much mini eggs, chocolate fingers, Cadbury eggs and sour watermelons! But I really don’t regret any of it! 😛

Well this is what I have been loving! Hopefully at least one has caught your eye! 🙂

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