Rise Above



In the beginning of my second year of University, my friend and I came across a small, café-styled restaurant called Rise Above in downtown St Catharines. I had heard that it offered an all plant-based menu and at this point I was trying out a vegan lifestyle, so it was perfect!

Fast forward almost a year to now, I visit this place all too often and the cravings are real! My friend is very much a meat eater however she loves their food too and the staff are so lovely. This is what we ordered on our last visit:


Don’t be intimidated by the idea of the food being plant-based, honestly tastes better than some non-vegan foods. They have a mix of everything from pizzas, sandwiches and wraps, soups and salads and their deserts are amazing!


I have noticed within the past year, veganism has spread largely and all over the world people show themselves trying this lifestyle through social media and I think this is a positive change. I incorporate eating vegan during the week and I have really learnt to enjoy it. Now that I have been introduced to Rise Above, I always am looking forward to eating their again!

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