Pamper Nights



If you have never given yourself a night of pure pamper and relaxation, you need to! I started a pamper routine once a week in university and I make sure to keep that time free of any other responsibilities. I use the term “pamper” routine because essentially I do everything I can to relax and take care of myself, which is very important and can help to rejuvenate your body for another full week ahead, release stress and in general, you taking care of your self.

Here is my pamper routine:

Shower – I make sure that the nights I dedicate to my pamper routine are also the nights I wash my hair, just so I am 100% feeling fresh. Use your favorite shower gels or even better make a bubble bath!


Moisturize – There is nothing worse than feeling like your skin is dry and tight, so the first thing I do after a shower is lotion my entire body. Tip: Use a large amount of lotion on feet and wear socks for the night – in the morning your feet will feel brand new!

Comfy Clothes – Pick out the coziest and softest clothes you have, either sweatpants, a bathrobe, a onesie, whatever you feel most comfortable in! Don’t forget giant fluffy socks!

Nourishing Products – This is where I carry out my normal face cleanse routine but with extras 🙂 Wash, exfoliate, moisturize, face masks, eye masks, pore strips or whatever else you think your skin needs to feel great! The products below are what I typically use:

Candles and Tea – I light all the candles I own, typically three at a time and place them around my room and this way its a relaxing setting that instantly calms me. Then I make a warm tea and cozy up on my bed.


Catch up with what you enjoy doing – When I get free time I love to read, write, do a blog post, color, watch YouTube or Netflix. Whatever you enjoy that you may not get time to do as much as you may like, do on your pamper night! 🙂

I hope sharing my routine gives ideas to others.


You owe it to yourself. 🙂



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