Study Tips

Its that time of year again, and to be honest, trying to think of creative ways to design this blog post is a little difficult when its about studying…how does one make studying seem enjoyable or “artsy”…?!

Nevertheless, here are some tips for when studying:


To reduce stress/ to avoid dedicating entire days to studying/ to avoid anxiety … start early.

We all here the same advice to not procrastinate and if I was to be completely honest I wouldn’t say I necessarily start early because of others telling me that advice, however because it really does reduce the above factors. The idea of having to study all or majority of my days just instantly makes me want to avoid studying altogether, but I know if I start extra early, I can dedicate 2-3 hours in my mornings and then have the rest of my day to myself. Not going to turn that down! Also if you are prone to anxiety or facing high stress levels, starting early is really going to help you.

The irritating part to this is teachers like to make the due dates for assignments right before exam time…thanks. The only advice I can give here, is start those assignments early too! Honestly you will be way ahead of everything and you will feel so much better. You don’t have to feel guilty for going out with friends because your already ahead and organized!

Don’t give up or slack on eating healthy and taking care of yourself.


As great as ordering pizza every other night and binge eating bags of chips sounds, avoid it. You are what you eat! Personally, I find this the hardest. I tend to think its a good idea to reward myself with unhealthy food, which is fine, but then it just doesn’t stop and I regret it and feel awful. Maybe I just suck at self control but I do suggest you avoid unhealthy binge eating and make sure you are eating foods that fuel your brain. Exercise is another key that I suggest to incorporate each day, either it be 15 minutes to an hour, you will feel a lot better and it will help to motivate you to stay on the right track and in return, help with studying. Letting yourself fall into bad habits and just generally putting yourself last is only going to reflect in your studying. Take care of yourself!

Motivate yourself

Face it, your going to need some sort of motivation. What works for me is planning something fun at the end of the day with friends or anything that I enjoy doing. This way, while I am studying I have something else to look forward to.



It is important to find a place that allows you to be focused and get the most studying done. I love working in cafe’s but if you need a quieter setting make sure that’s where you go, either it be your own desk or the library. Don’t have things around you that is going to be a distraction, this includes phones and social media if you know you have poor self control.

Weird tip: Wear clothing that you feel you can work best in. Some days I need to be fully dressed in sweats and other days I like to dress up a little more. Whatever works best for you!

Try and maintain a positive attitude

I thought I would add this as when I was in high school, I was one of those people who would get so worked up and nervous when I had an exam, that I would end up making myself go blank and likely get a grade that I could easily have improved if I wasn’t so stressed. Lucky for me, over time this actually just went away and now I feel fine when taking exams! However if you are one of those people who know they perform not as good as they could due to anxiety or stress, I find the best way to view exams is as an opportunity to just show what you know. Don’t think of it as the teachers deliberately choosing hard questions to try and trick you. You have studied and you can only do what you can do!

Hope these tips help! Just look forward to when exams are all finished and summer begins! 🙂




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