Top 5 places I want to visit


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My dream: To visit as many places as I can in the world. (It would be even cooler if I get the opportunity to live in a few!) 😛

Here are my top 5 places (at the moment) that I would like to visit:

1. art-dreamcatcher-feathers-modern-Favim_com-832771

This is a must for me! I have this vision in my head where I will live here for a few years and each day wake up, grab an acai bowl, tan and workout on the beach, see tons of cute dogs, possibly work in some cool, healthy food shop, live in an awesome apartment and be the happiest person in the world. It will happen!


2. brig1

I have always had an interest in England but specifically Brighton always stood out to me for a place I would like to visit. The beach, the beach huts, the Lanes…I just think there is something about it that is so relaxing and fun. Many of the YouTuber’s that I watch are also from here so I see their vlogs about Brighton and it makes me want to visit more and more.


3. australia

Always thought Australia is such an awesome place to visit. My dream is to snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef and to see all their wildlife. (Hopefully not get killed in the process!)



I mean, who doesn’t want to visit Bora Bora?! To stay in the little huts on the water and be tranquil all day, every day….It would be amazing!


5. Tours_Thailand2

I want to visit a place where there is lots of outdoor activities and to step away from the traditional ways of living and experience a completely different culture from what I know and Thailand stood out to me…so it made it to my top 5.


I hope one day I can look back on this post and realize I have visited each and every one of these places…plus many more!




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