What my Pandora means


I got my Pandora as a gift from my parents and I love it! I am still working on building it up with charms but I find myself being very particular with which charms I get. They have to mean something special or symbolize something in my life. I look at my Pandora as a story or reflection of things in my life. Here is what I have so far:

Family charm clearly symbolizing family. Family is everything and to me it is important to stay close.

Cat charm for my kitten Flash. She passed away young but was one of those pets that had a larger impact on my life than just a pet. This charm is very special to me.

Number 18 charm to symbolize my age for when I got my Pandora.

Universe charm is one of my favorites. To me it has multiple meanings. One, my passion to travel. Two, I can accomplish anything I want to in the world. Its a huge place and there are many opportunities to come my way.

Yorkie charm to symbolize my dog. Love her to death and is another very special charm.

I have been on a search for my next charm but have been told Pandora has not made it. I would absolutely love to find a truck. It would be a charm to symbolize my goal at some point in my life to have a really nice truck….but thanks Pandora.


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