My Favorite Restaurants in St Catharines, ON

  1. Rise Above

I made a completely separate blog post dedicated to just this restaurant because I absolutely love it! It serves all vegan food but you would never know the difference.

Favorite Meal: Crispy Seiten Wrap with potato wedges and cheesecake



2. Grounds Café

Lucky for me this is in the first floor of my apartment building! Everything offered here tastes amazing. All day breakfast options, café drinks, deserts, lunch and dinner options and it is all freshly made.

Favorite Meal (lunch): Grilled cheese and cheddar, apple and spinach salad



3. Johnny Rocco’s

This is a more high end Italian restaurant compared to the two listed above but still has decent prices for giant portions! When I am feeling like a sit down, ‘fancier’ dinner this is my go to place.

Favorite Meal: Vegetarian calzone



4. Kelsey’s

This is a restaurant with both bar and booth seating and is styled more as a friendly, lively and entertaining way of eating as there are many TV’s playing sport channels. I would describe their menu as a mix between pub styled food as well as traditional meals for lunch and dinner like pasta and salad.

Favorite Meal: Their selection of veggie burgers with fries



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