Summer Morning Routine

I know its technically Spring but I have finished exams and have flown home from University so in my head this is the start of summer and that I am very happy about!

I absolutely LOVE summer! Sunshine drives my productivity and my favorite thing is reading in the sun which I will be doing a lot of for sure.

This summer I have decided to incorporate a few things within my schedule that mainly help me organize and make each day productive as well as focusing on my own health and wellbeing.

Here is my summer morning routine:

  1. I wake up, make my bed, brush my teeth…all the usual things you do first thing in the morningIMG_8852


2. Next, I begin to make my breakfast and at this time I normally plan my day in my journal. Journaling in the AM is a new thing I have recently incorporated into my schedule and it is so far a really effective way to feel motivated and excited for the rest of the day.


My breakfast normally consists of oatmeal with almond milk and cinnamon topped with bananas and blueberries and I always have a tea and water! That morning I also had a few pineapple chunks 🙂


I decided to buy an empty notebook and personalize my own journal. Of course there are journals already organized into sections prior to purchase but I find personalizing it myself allows me to make a journal that I really like and what works best for me as some journals have sections that just do not work best for what I would like to use it for. I use my journal to record what I would like to accomplish that day, today’s meals and exercises, today’s to-do list and schedule, today’s favorite moment and what I would like to accomplish the next day and a section for notes. Every morning and night I fill in this journal and not only does it make for a way to be productive each day of summer but also becomes a way to remember what I did in my summer. I would recommend journaling for anyone…they can be personalized to whichever sections work best and are a great way for recording food and exercises if trying to be more healthy or a way to organize tasks that one may have to do.

3. After journaling and breakfast I get dressed into gym clothes and do a workout. I like to switch my exercises around that way I don’t get bored. I have mentioned in my March Favorites post the personal fitness trainer Lucy-Wyndham Read on YouTube who for the month of April has been sharing a 4 minute HIIT workouts everyday. I will do these and would include some of her other workouts or do some of my own to make it a little longer. Other exercises I do are either with friends or family I would workout and maybe go for a run outside.


4. Once I am finished working out I shower and get dressed and ready for whatever I have planned for that day. Depending on what I have to do, if I am fairly free I like to plan things with friends and family and being with my pets makes for a great day 🙂

Hope you are enjoying your Spring/Summer!

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