April Favorites

Things I have been loving this month:


  1. Concealer by NARSIMG_8885.JPGI am not a big makeup user therefore I haven’t tried any other concealers properly before this one. However despite this lack of comparison, I do find this concealer to work very well. It has good coverage and somewhat lasts throughout the day, further on into the evening I would have to use it again.


2. Bright nail polishIMG_8889

Summer is near and for me that means a lot of bright colors on the nails. There hasn’t been one specific nail polish I have been loving, really just anything bright and that goes on smoothly. As you can tell I have a little collection going.

3. Perfume and Body spraysIMG_8888.JPGI am obsessed with body sprays and perfumes – always have been. I am one of those people who mix a bunch of different scents so there is never a single body spray I normally am loving on its own, however I do go through scent phases and at the moment I am loving more sweet scents such as vanilla, flowery scents and fruity. My newest purchase is Current Bay from Hollister.


  1. The Forgetting Time by Sharon GuskinIMG_8890.JPGI am currently on the last few pages of this book and have really been enjoying it. It is based on reincarnation and tells the story from multiple points of views which made the book even more intriguing in my opinion. Definitely a page turner!

2. Pretty Happy by Kate HudsonIMG_8886

I have not finished this book yet however I knew I would like it just because I love Kate Hudson. I have always thought of her as a strong and beautiful actress and knew her book would reflect that and it does just that. As the cover states, the book is about ways to love your body and really resonate with yourself. Essentially its a book of motivation to love yourself and for the past month I have really taken an interest into biographies about women who are focusing on positivity and both mental and physical health. Worth reading!


  1. AvocadosIMG_8891

Wholly guacamole! Enough said. 🙂


Random things:

  1. PlanningIMG_8887I spoke about planning in my Morning Summer Routine post but mainly I am big on planning! Ever since school I had planners and I have decided to make a separate planner just for 2016 summer. I use it to track my meals, exercises, to-do lists, schedule and things I want to accomplish that day as well as what moments made me happy.

These are a few things I have been loving this month and hopefully by me sharing them, others can love them too! 🙂

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