Beach Essentials

IMG_9020Days spent at the beach are one of my favorites. I am from the Island of Bermuda, so days like these happen often in the summer. However what makes these days so enjoyable is not just because of the crystal blue water and pink and white sand, but also how well you have come prepared.

Here are some essential things I pack for the beach:

1.Cooler with drinks and snacks: If you are planning to be at the beach for majority of the day, you will get hungry and most definitely thirsty. I like to pack a small cooler with drinks and snacks, that way I can enjoy my time without feeling parched nor have to leave the beach early to get food. Stay tuned for a post about healthy snacks to pack for the beach!

Tip: Foods that are in packaging that you have to open but will not necessarily eat all of, a good idea is to bring some sort of clip to keep the food sealed, otherwise you will either get flat food or a mess in your bag. Take it from me!

2. Sunscreen: This is a must! Being in the direct sun for a long amount of hours, especially near the water where the reflection makes the sun rays even stronger, you will want to protect your skin. You may not realize you are burning while on the beach  but trust me later on that day you will regret not wearing sunscreen. I use both a face and body sunscreen. The face sunscreen I use is spf15 Broad Spectrum Complete by Olay for sensitive skin and the body sunscreen I use is by Ocean Potion Sun care at spf50, all day water and sweat resistant. If you are at the beach all day I would recommend reapplying your sunscreens several times.

3. A book and music: This is a must for me. When I am not in the water I like to tan and read a book to stay entertained. I am currently reading two books, Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson and The Drafter by Kim Harrison. I also like to bring my phone and have music playing in the background. Things like these make a beach day even better!

4. Two towels: I like to spread my things out near me and I find one towel is a little restraining, therefore I always bring two towels and lie them side by side. If you have a large blanket styled towel that would work too, I don’t.


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