Healthy snacks to take to the beach

Here are some healthy snacks that I like to take to the beach:

1. Hummus and veggies: Red pepper hummus is my favorite and this with some sliced carrot, celery and red bell pepper sticks is a really yummy snack to have on the beach and stays fresh in a cooler with some ice packs. You can also buy sea salt pita chips to use with the hummus.                                                                                                                                                   An alternative if one does not like hummus is salsa and healthy chips such as blue corn tortilla chips or pita. I have only recently started liking hummus. You can also make your own salsa, I like to add black eyed peas, corn and jalapeno.IMG_5546.jpg

2. Fruit salad: Cut up fresh fruit, put in a container and keep it in a cooler. Whenever I have been in salt water I tend to crave fruit, I’m guessing the fruit is more soothing if you unfortunately take in salt water, its the worst. I enjoy strawberries, oranges, apple, raspberries, banana and grapes in my fruit salad.Very-Vanilla-Fruit-Salad_1007x545-1_ashx_.jpg

3. Nuts: At the beach I enjoy a mix between sweet and salty snacks. Personally, almonds are my favorite kind of nut. Try to avoid the extra salted nuts as it will only make you more thirsty and a lot of salt isn’t good for your body anyway. Granola bars are an even yummier way to eat nuts and really help cure those salty and sweet cravings!IMG_8904-1024x683

4. Chocolate: Not the healthiest snack, but everything in moderation is good for you! I actually enjoy dark chocolate which is one of the healthier options so I may pack a small chocolate bar or you can make some sort of desert ahead of time. Cookies are my favorite!!Dove-Dark-Wrapper-Small

If I want to take something larger that would suffice for lunch and not just a snack, my go-to are normally a sandwich or wrap. 🙂

I hope these tips are helpful and that you have the opportunity to spend a day at the beach too! 🙂

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