Summer in Bermuda

The past week I had a friend visit from Canada so I took the role of being an unofficial tour guide, took a break from social media and did some awesome things around the island. Thought I would share in case anyone comes across my blog and is interested in visiting Bermuda!                                                                                                                                                          As I have mentioned before I have lived in Bermuda all my life and therefore I think it is safe to say I know the best and must-see places.

Horseshoe Bay beach is one of the main beaches that Bermuda is known for along with our pink and white sand.                                                                                                                                        I took a jet ski tour and swam with a large school of different types of fish which was an amazing experience!                                                                                                                                   The aquarium and crystal caves are two things that can be enjoyed on a rainy day…Bermuda is semi-tropical!                                                                                                             And there are many restaurants to try the local cuisine which I must say is very good and heard all positive feedback from my friend.

One thing you should know prior to visiting Bermuda is everything is expensive, especially food! It might be a good idea to do your research in advance and get any deals that you can, such as hotels and travel excursions such as the jet ski tour we went on.

Overall Bermuda is perfect to just sit in the sun either at the hotel pools or the public beaches, catch up on any books you want to read, get a really nice tan and eat lots of yummy ice cream from my personal favorite, Bailey’s Bay ice cream parlor. 🙂                     Buy a ticket and come visit paradise! 🙂

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