Lets talk fitness…

Everyone has that ideal look that they want to be. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love the way you are now but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve to feel more confident.

I have had my share of ups and downs with fitness….I am going strong and then I allow cravings to take over and get to a point where I have to start all over again.

A few things I have had to realize are not everyone works in the same ways and therefore some people may find it to work better when they are super strict while others may allow a small cheat every other night. The most important things are to listen to your body, to ignore what your friends or other people are doing and do what works best for you and allows you to achieve your goals.

I feel as long as you are staying active, and that can mean anything from going to the gym, doing a workout in your room or doing ten minutes more of walking every day and pairing that with a healthy diet, then you will feel healthier and results will begin to show.

Willpower is important! Your inner strength and determination is all you need to reach your goals. A friend told me once your mind gives up before your body does, so just keep pushing forward.

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