Bridge to Terabithia inspired adventure

Yesterday my friend and I decided to walk through a nature reserve in Bermuda called Southlands. As soon as we entered, we both agreed we felt like we were somewhere else and no longer in Bermuda and then it clicked. That movie I watched when I was a child, Bridge to Terabithia! Everything about this place reminded me of the movie and the land where the characters, Jessie and Leslie imagined their magical kingdom.                             Coincidently within this nature reserve there is history of a castle once being present and the King and his wife are buried on the property, which we actually found! So obviously even just that piece of history made me think of Bridge to Terabithia even more.

If you haven’t seen this movie, please go watch it but if you have, hopefully these photos will bring back memories of this childhood movie. Also if you ever find yourself in Bermuda, visit Southlands the nature reserve. Its a real experience 🙂

I found this tree with vines growing all the way to its top. It reminded me of the tree that turned into the trolls leg in the movie.
This photo reminds me of the entryway to the castle within the movie. I think the vines growing around everything is what reminds me of the magical, imaginary aspects in the movie.
This is the tomb area where apparently the King and his wife is buried. The two slates have their names and their dates of birth and death.

At this point, as beautiful as the nature reserve is, I was a little freaked out to actually find these tombstones. It was unbelievable that this was here. As can be seen in the photo, part of the wall was pushed in and you can see these concrete box formations inside which we assumed were where the bodies are buried.


I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

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