Fitness Journey Introduction

I’ve decided to create a small series (I guess I will call it that) on my blog reflecting my fitness journey. I like to refer to it as a journey because well one, getting fit doesn’t happen overnight and two, there will be many ups and downs and different elements along the way and therefore I will upload different posts where I share advice, updates and reflections every so often. I think it will be cool and helpful for others who are trying to achieve their preferred weight or body image to take something from my journey and possibly incorporate into theirs as well as a way to track my journey for myself.

As I have mentioned in a earlier post, wanting to lose or gain weight is just a goal you have given yourself to maybe feel more confident and healthier but it should not take away from the person you are. Essentially I hope you love your body the way it is and look at your journey as improving, that’s all. Being healthier and happier will mean different things to different people so make sure you are doing whatever it is for yourself.

My fitness journey I would like to say officially started one month ago when I returned home for summer vacation. I have exercised everyday with a few days for rest and I have changed to a more healthy diet and allow myself a cheat meal once a week. Being as this first post is at a one month standpoint, I am happy to share that with all the effort I have put in thus far, I have seen great results. I have noticed my body to be more toned, no bloating and in pictures I feel I see a small difference in weight. I have learned seeing progress is one of the key motivators for myself. Seeing my body changing and slowly getting closer to my ideal goal makes me want to push even harder and overall I am really enjoying it all.

I also want these posts to be very truthful. At the end of the day we are all human and we make mistakes or what people normally say is “fall off track.” Well I gave myself a cheat meal last Friday and well its Monday and I haven’t been eating good since that Friday. 4 days off track. oops! I have learnt that I can either continue to eat bad and kick myself in the butt each time or start fresh and new and move forward. I chose the second option and have set an alarm for tomorrow morning to go for a run before work. The unfortunate part is I have gotten sick and I feel eating unhealthy for these few days has allowed my immune system to drop and so now I will also have to recover a cold. I guess that’s one way my body is teaching me.

I will begin working on posts that touch on my diet and the exercises I do but for now, this is the start of my journey and me sharing it with you!

Don’t wait until the right time. Right now is the right time!

(I have also created an instagram account where I post update pictures and some meals and tips. Check it out at EverythingFitness96)

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