How to: Braided Pony Tail

Hey, I’ve decided to share with you how to create one of my favorite hair styles that I have been loving recently. I call it the braided pony tail even though there is probably an actual term given to this hair style but I just do not know it. Anyway, one of my good friends taught me how to do it and from then on I wear it a lot for work and when wanting to do a little more to my hair when going out or when just spending time with friends. I find it gives a more classy look to any outfit and being as its so easy, you can still be lazy but make it look like you have given more effort to your hair.

Hopefully this post will make it easy enough to follow along!

First, part your hair down the center. This part in the center makes the braids look neater and helps to set the look!


Next grab a portion of your hair from one side to start the braid. Depending on how thick you would like the braid to look will mean to either use more or less hair for the braid. I prefer a thicker braid as especially for darker hair it seems to look better.

I used about that much!

Now do a regular braid making sure you are pulling it tightly so there are no loose areas. Its also important to keep it tight so it stays in place when in the ponytail and looks neat. You don’t necessarily have to braid it all the way to the bottom, I normally stop a few inches above however the braid does look nice within the ponytail as well, so feel free to do the braid as long as you would like.


Tip: Braid your hair going upward. In the picture I’m pulling the braid down but that’s not how I actually braided it. Braiding upward just ensure it looks like the braid is nicely pulled back and looks good when pulled into the ponytail.

Do the same for the opposite side.

I just used little black elastics to hold the brads at the ends.


Now simply pull the braids and the rest of your hair back into a ponytail and hold it with another elastic.

Walla! 🙂 You have a perfect braided ponytail. I really do love it!




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