Fitness Journey: Exercise Routine

Hey there, welcome back to my fitness journey series!

As we all know, to lose weight we have to move, there is no way around it. Before I really get into this post, I want to share my first tip. Find exercises that you enjoy! That may be dancing, running, walking, doing HIIT workouts…whatever it is that you enjoy doing is going to be easier for you to stay consistent with it.

Nevertheless, here is my fitness routine:

I have two days off of work each week which are normally always a Wednesday and a Saturday. These days I try to incorporate a longer and harder workout and mostly consists of cardio and toning. The rest of the days of the week I have been doing small HIIT workouts that normally last about 5 minutes and I do them in the morning before work and again after work.

I have to give credit to the YouTube fitness trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read as for the past few months she has uploaded each day, a 4 minute HIIT workout, and believe me when I say to not be turnt off by how short these workouts are. They are hard and they are effective.

These 4 minute HIIT workouts are what I do in the morning and afternoons of my working days, therefore each day I repeat the same HIIT workout, then the following day I follow her next HIIT workout video. As I said she has one for every day for the past two months, therefore the exercises you are doing are constantly changing and that is important when trying to lose weight as we do not want our bodies to grow accustomed to the same exercises.

Here is the link to her YouTube channel.

For the two days I am off, I have recently been enjoying Anna Saccone and Lucy’s summer workouts which I repeat twice and lasts around 20 minutes. These are very tough and by the end I am dripping sweat. Sorry! If I do not do one of their exercises then I put on my sneakers and head outdoors for a long walk/run. I am fortunate enough to live by the beach which running on the sand is twice as tough but makes for a great workout. I do not have access to a gym while home, only while in university but if you do, then that’s great. I have made a goal when I return back to school to join some fitness classes such as spinning or zumba…if this happens, I will be sure to write about it!


Another small routine I have incorporated into my workout routine is every night before bed I try to do a few ab exercises, probably lasting around 5 minutes. If I do not do abs then I do arms and I use my own 6pound weights and maybe for 5 minutes will do a small workout with those. Just a small effort that does make a difference.

Hopefully my workout routine gives you some ideas and motivation. After maybe another week, once I get over this damn cold I have seemed to catch, I will be making my workouts a little harder. It is important to keep pushing your body and to not let it get lazy with your same routine.

Talk again soon! 🙂

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