Mental Health

Hi there,

I hope you have been following along thus far with my new Fitness Journey series I have started. Any feedback would be great or any post requests! 🙂

Majority of blogs and videos and overall content that touches on the topics of fitness and healthy eating, are mostly centered around the physical benefits and physical health. However I know the importance of ones mental health and stability is equally important and should not be treated with any less attention or guidance.

What has drawn me to write this post is this current week I have found to be very tough in regards to my own mental health. I do not suffer from any clinical illnesses but simply this past week I have found myself struggling to stay happy and positive and felt I was on a roller coaster switching between two polar opposites of either extremely short tempered or on the verge of crying and there being no in between. Now I am normally always an upbeat, positive and energetic individual so getting into moods such as this one and finding it really difficult to pull myself out of it, really bothers me. All I seem to want is to isolate myself from everyone and to be left alone.

Now I didn’t write this post to just state my mood and it be a negative read, however I wanted to share it as someone else may be having moods similar to mine and I think its important to remember that we are all human, made up of hormones and feelings and its all a complicated mix, therefore it is okay to have a bad day or a bad few days and its okay to want to be left alone to do only what we want to do.

My mom made a very good point, have a detox from electronics that are associated with social media apps and communicating with other people, therefore my cell phone. I was beginning to feel suffocated, like even if I wasn’t around people I was still feeling like I wasn’t getting my own space. I went on my phone and turnt off the notifications for all the apps and social media sites that I did not want to see or be distracted by and put my phone in a different room from myself. Just that began to make me feel less suffocated and as if I was beginning to focus on solely me.

Early mornings and evenings are my favorite parts of the day as the sun is not quite up in the sky and everything seems to have a sort of glow. There are less people and noises and I feel more tranquil because of this. This morning at 8:00, I went for a 20 minute walk along the scenic areas where I live and having this time to myself, being active and letting my mind feel free really helped. Anything you can do to step away from your traditional routines and be alone to think will do your mind such a favor!

Writing is another biggie for me! If I find myself feeling stressed or upset about multiple things that seem to stick under my subconscious level and are not as clear as I would like, writing in a journal or even on a blog helps so much. For me it acts as a transfer from inside of my mind and chest to on paper and I instantly feel lighter and can focus on making things better for myself.

Unfortunately I can still feel a little dullness in my chest and a little difficult to feel happy but I feel a lot better than yesterday and that’s hopeful. I am going to continue to find time for myself and distance myself from friends for a little while, I will keep active and spend most of my time outdoors and focus on all things that make me happy. I suggest you do the same!

Mental health is important! We cannot neglect it and solely put effort into our physical body. No matter what we do, if our mental health in unstable, moving forward and our overall feelings will be affected. Our bodies are made up of both, we need to find balance.

Feel free to share any tips or advice in the comment section. 🙂 I do hope you are all having a great week and if not, I will cross my fingers that it gets better for you.

Talk again soon!

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