What Makes You Smile?

Hey guys,

I feel like writing a happy and positive post and decided what better way than to write about two things that I love, reading and running. (Apparently there is an R theme ha!)

Especially this time of the year, by this I mean my favorite season, Summer, both running and reading I seem to find a lot more time for. This probably has to do with being out of school and the weather good enough to go outside. I absolutely love these two things. Running is my stress reliever, my alone time, and of course my exercise. And reading is just so calming and enjoyable. I have been a bookworm since little, finishing books either in one sitting or a few days at the most. If any of you watch or know of Zoella on YouTube, you will know that she has teamed up with WHSmith and have created her own book club where she has recommended eight of her favorite books. These particular recommendations all fall under the category of Young Adult Fiction which I actually do not find myself reading much of anymore, however I decided to order a few of the books she recommended that sparked an interest. Today I have had off from work and went this morning to my favorite book store, picked the books up and started reading one today. I already am thoroughly enjoying it!


Bookstores are one of my favorite places on Earth. I love the setting of being surrounded by so many new books, I love the smell of the new books, the people in book stores always seem to be down to earth and pleasant and I love having the option of sitting down and ordering a latte. Where I live, we have what is called the Bermuda Book Store which is its own independent shop, a small, friendly place that I really do adore. One of my very good friends use to work there until she moved away which she made me love it even more, but the other staff are just as great and friendly. Books definitely seem to have a little soft spot in my heart. 🙂

I want to do a blog post in the future of all the books I would have read this summer so I don’t want to spoil too much but at the moment I am reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. As I said, really enjoying it so far!

I hope all you book worms out there have your nose in another great book that you are enjoying and are having a fantastic day!

Bye for now 🙂

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