Things I Would Like To Do In My Last Year of University

I have come across a large amount of content written by bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities and other less known writers who all at some point talk about what they wish they did during their university years. Well I have one year left at university starting in September and I have decided to make it my goal to experience all the things I would like to do before graduation, instead of regretting not doing them later on.

I feel this goes beyond university years as well. You may still be in high school, in your last year of being on a sports team or soon to move to a new country…make it your goal to accomplish all that you want while you still can and not leave yourself to have regrets in the future.

Here is my list:

  1. I would like to use the gym facilities more often
  2. I want to sign up for a class either Yoga, Zumba or Spinning more than once
  3. I want to use the library more, even if its just to study
  4. I want to explore the area further, including other cities and maybe provinces
  5. I want to take more pictures to capture my experiences and memories
  6. I want to go out more with friends and just have fun
  7. I want to swim in the Brock pool
  8. I want to attend more events, Frosh week, become involved with different things
  9. I want to spend a weekend in Toronto city
  10. I want to have more movie nights and fun nights in with my best friend/roommate
  11. I would like to sit in on a Psychology lecture once or twice
  12. I would like to build a snowman and maybe other snow activities like skiing

I hope you are all having a productive week and that anything you are having to face works out in your favor! 🙂

Be sure to plan your own lists of things you would like to achieve too.

Bye for now 🙂

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