Fitness Journey: My Starting Tips For Getting Fit

Being healthy and feeling confident is what exercising and clean eating is all about. This is important to everyone, I don’t think there is anyone in this world who doesn’t want to feel confident within themselves and this is why I started my Fitness Journey Series.

If you are at a stage where you know what you want, either it be to lose weight, to get more toned, to feel and look healthier but for some reason you have not started yet or are just unsure if you are on the right path, I have thought about a few starting points which helped me get motivated and create a healthy lifestyle that I can follow.

  1. Write down where you want to be, therefore what goals you want to achieve. Make sure they are really what YOU want and are realistic. Your goal may be to get to a certain weight, to focus on one part of your body such as your core or it may be to make healthier decisions therefore healthier food choices or to be more active everyday. Whatever goal or goals you decide on, write them down where you wont lose them and can see them to remind yourself why you are working so hard to achieve this. You need to know what you want or where you want to be in order to work towards something! This goal is going to be your main motivator. When you begin to want to give up, remind yourself of how happy you will be when you achieve this goal.

2. Take pictures at the start and along the way. These pictures are a great way to see progress and to keep updates on how your body is changing. They are also really motivating when you begin to see differences and it becomes personal as you are in charge of your body transformations and these pictures are proof of that!

3. Avoid things that can pull you off track or demotivate you. Moving along with my fitness journey, I find one of the hardest things is avoiding comparing myself to other people such as friends. Comparing and judging are two dangerous things when trying to reach your own fitness goal. You cannot make yourself feel demotivated or question if what you are doing is wrong just because you may think your friends are losing weight faster or are looking better. Focus on yourself and build that resistance and capability to ignore all outside factors that are only going to put you off track. Your fitness journey is for you! Your goal is not your friends goal, therefore doing what they are doing may not necessarily be the best way to reach your goal. Stay focused!

4. Make a plan. One method of keeping on track and making it clear to myself what I need to do to achieve my goal is doing weekly plans that focus on both the exercises I will be doing and the meals I will be eating for that week. This way I will be organized by knowing what ingredients to buy at the store, what meals to make in advance (easier to make large portions of meals and that way you can just heat it up. A pot of chili is a perfect example) and what body parts I am focusing on. Also because you are so prepared you are less likely to give up or fall of track because you have made it a lot easier for yourself to just follow your plan. Each weeks plan allows you to stay tuned with exactly what you are doing, giving yourself a new start or new step at the start of each week to keep you motivated.

5. Have your motivators at easy access. What I mean by this is everyone is motivated by different things. I find watching my favorite fitness YouTubers, researching new meals and healthy lifestyles and knowing I can look forward to eating that really yummy pizza Friday night, really motivate me and help me stay on track. You need to find yours. Maybe its putting money aside to go buy new workout gear, or plan a vacation trip for when you reach your goal! Whatever it is make sure you can easily remind yourself of that thing and use it to keep moving towards your goal.

I feel like these are really good starting tips for anyone and if you have not already started working towards your fitness goal, begin with these 5 points and take small steps forward. There is no special day and no right moment to start your own fitness journey, the time is now. The longer you wait for when you feel its a good time to start, that’s time that you have lost and could have been that much closer to reaching your goal.

Start moving! 🙂


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