Top 3 Lessons Learned at 20 Years of Age

Turning 20 is a big thing! I remember months leading up to my 20th birthday I was dreading it, I didn’t want to get older and to me it meant officially being considered an “adult”.

However now that I am 20 and have been for the past 3 months, I realize it isn’t all that bad. I would say though, I have noticed I have become a more thoughtful person in the sense that I reflect more on life and my life goals are a lot more important to me.

Now 20 years is a big chunk of your life and I have learnt a lot along the way, both from people sharing advice as well as from my own personal experiences.

So here are my top life lessons learned along the way to reaching 20


  1. Say YES to as many things as you can                                                                                                    

Life is an experience and if you are reading this right now, you know you are very fortunate as you are alive and capable. ‘Live every moment like its your last’ is a great saying! I have learned to say yes to as many opportunities that come my way, no matter how big or small. Fill your life with as many experiences and memories as you can. To me, that makes my life satisfactory and worth it!


2. Live for the little things

I have learned that every time I meet and have a good conversation with a new person, all the times where I feel a sense of happiness from something, all the little gestures or compliments that someone gives to me and all the little memories and experiences that stick inside my head, are all so meaningful and is what life is all about. Sometimes we are so busy focusing on the big things like our jobs, that we don’t even realize the little things that simply could have made our day if only we focused more on them. My favorite is when you meet an individual for the first time and something about them  or something they said just sticks with you. These are the little things that mean more than the big.


3. Not everyday is going to be a good day

This is probably one of the hardest life lessons that I have had to learn to accept. I know that in my life there are going to be things I have to face and deal with that I just hate or are really painful. This includes the little things such as locking yourself out of your house or the bigger things like losing a loved one, but I have learned to view life as even though there are bad days, there are always good days to follow. I have also learned that it is ok to feel like you have hit rock bottom and to cry because no matter what, everything comes to an end and you will always rise back up.

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