Fitness Journey: At Home Workout

I have created a workout that I can follow when I don’t have access to the gym nor weights or if I just quite frankly do not want to go to the gym. This workout you can do right in your bedroom, just clear a little space so you can move freely.

I do understand that there are some people who feel uncomfortable or just generally do not enjoy working out in front of other people, therefore at a public gym, so this workout should be helpful and that means no excuses!

I did the workout in the order I have listed it and repeated it once over. You will be exhausted after! Do not think that because you do not have access to a gym or weights that it means you are not getting in a good workout, this is just as effective:

100 high knees

7 burpees with push up

3 sets of 30 squats (90 altogether)

3 sets of 10 lunges each leg

60 mountain climbers

3 sets of 20 ab crunches

3 sets of 20 ankle touches (ab workout)

3 sets of 10 donkey kicks

3 sets of 10 fire hydrants (I do this and the above together)

20 hip raisers

1 minute wall sit and arm circles (30 sec switch rotation for arms)

3 sets of 10 reverse sit-ups (lie on back, lift legs up and lower but not touching the ground, keep legs straight)

3 sets of 10 oblique reverse sit-ups (same as above but side to side not straight up and down)

10 sumo jumping squats

3 sets of 5 push ups then 10 shoulder taps

Like I said I repeat this all once more. I wasn’t kidding when I said you will feel exhausted.

IMG_9693I write the workout on a white board so I can follow along. Much easier this way and I found motivating!

Keep a water bottle nearby and stay hydrated. There is no need to make working out a chore and force yourself to the gym even if you feel uncomfortable, you can always workout at home and get results just the same. Just have to work for it either way!

I hope your fitness and healthy lifestyles are moving along and remember, the mind gives up before your body does.

Happy day! 🙂

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