My Favorite YouTubers

Good Morning guys,

I have been sitting in bed this morning with a cup of coffee watching my favorite YouTubers and I just finished watching Niomi Smart’s new video ‘It’s ok to have a bad day.’ As you would know if you read a few posts back I was having an offish week myself and just was in a very gutted mood, and watching Niomi’s video now, after I am out of that mood, really made me feel a certain way and knew if she had uploaded this video earlier it really would have helped me.

So this has inspired me to write this blog post as for any of you going through a hard part in your lives or in general a bad day and down mood, I hope that sharing these YouTubers who always lift me up will also help you as well!

Here is Niomi’s video and even if you don’t know who she is, give this video a try. She is someone who I have been watching for years and is a very motivating, real and positive person who I always find so interesting and seems to always make me want to try new things and live more within the moment.

Niomi Smart’s YouTube channel:



Niomi lives a plant based (vegan) diet and is very much into fitness and healthy living, so for any of you interested in this lifestyle, she is a great person to get tips from and for motivation. Even if you are not interested in veganism or lifestyle topics, watching her videos will still bring positivity and motivation to you as she does for me.

There are two other YouTubers who I will mention in this post as they are also people in which I watch their videos regularly and again are very uplifting and motivational. There are many more YouTube channels I watch but these three are probably the ones I have watched consistently for the longest period of time and all fall under lifestyle, motivation and positivity.



Roman Atwood you may already be familiar with from his prank channel but he has a main channel where he uploads a vlog everyday and his main goal is to share his business Smile More and share his love of family with his viewers and to lift and motivate each and every one of his viewers.

Roman Atwood YouTube channel:

I absolutely love his vlog channel, he is a great role model for fathers and young people and I promise he will make you smile.


Lastly, the well known Zoella. She is a British YouTuber and shares a lot about beauty, clothing hauls but also topics such as anxiety and mental health. For now I will refrain from writing a different blog post dedicated to how much I love her! I think I have been watching Zoella the longest out of all the YouTube channels I watch. Motivating, happy, realistic and an uplifting individual who has such a diverse range of videos that there is no way you cannot enjoy at least one! Her vlog channel is one of my favorites and please trust me on this and check her out also.

Zoella YouTube channel:

I love main videos on YouTube channels as they are a good way to learn about certain things as well as very entertaining but I really do enjoy a good vlog…probably me just being nosy, lets be honest. These 3 YouTubers are exceptional at all of the above! I guarantee you will fall in love with at least one, if not all. 🙂

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