Fitness Journey: Cheat Meals

Warning, I am not responsible for causing you to stuff your face with chocolate or chips after this post! Just wanted to make that clear 🙂

Of course cheat meals are included in this fitness series as they are very much apart of ones journey when getting fit.IMG_9637

There are many questions about this topic, such as is it better to have cheat meals or a cheat day, how many times should one cheat per week, how big should the cheat meal be and so on.

I think it is important to remember to stay tuned into your own body and health routine and therefore this means that everyone will be different.

If you are the type of person who finds themselves binge eating junk food for a day because all week you have been strict and super healthy, then you may find it more suitable to give yourself smaller cheat meals throughout the week. Maybe Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday allow yourself to have a cheat meal or a yummy desert to keep the cravings under control and to avoid binging later on. This will help stabilize your diet!

However if you find it to be motivating knowing that every Friday you can have a pizza and slice of cake as long as you are healthy and following your routine throughout the rest of the week, then go for it.


I don’t think any general rules should be made in regards to cheats as everyone is different and we are all not going to be able to function in the same ways. Tune into your body and learn along the way which methods and routines are most suitable when trying to reach your fitness goal. You may have to make adjustments to avoid any bad habits, but that’s ok because this is a learning experience for all of us!

Personally, I find having something small each night, such as a piece of chocolate or a small portion of ice cream helps the cravings remain under control. However I have also gone through stages where I only cheated one day of the week and it would be a large meal, normally consisting of pizza, deserts and snacks.

Therefore I listen to my body and if I notice the cravings are high, I will choose the little cheats each night and then slowly make my way back to once a week.IMG_9658


Restricting oneself never seems to result in anything positive. Your fitness journey has to be realistic otherwise you are going to make it super hard for yourself to reach your goals and continue them long term, as this is all about creating a new healthy lifestyle that you can follow all the time. Therefore never allowing a cheat meal is going to drive you crazy and eventually you are going to fall off track big time and head down the binge eating road and quite possibly not get off of it.



Another tip is the days you do have a larger cheat meal, make sure you do a longer or harder workout that day or the next. This always makes me feel better! 🙂

Btw, the sundaes as the header picture can be found in Dockyard, Bermuda at a small bakery shop. The brownie special just above can be found at Bailey’s Bay Ice cream parlor also in Bermuda. Fun fact, this has been where I have worked in the summers for the last 3 years…pretty awesome. A blog post will be coming soon on my summer work experience!



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