Beach Thoughts

What if life was always simple? What if emotions did not exist and disorders were not real? Where overthinking never happened and confusion was obsolete. What if anger and sadness were irrelevant and minds always free?

Would this make us enjoy life to the fullest? Focusing only on the great and joyful things being as everything else would cease to exist? Would we fall in love with one person and that person be the only one we see? Would our lives be one big, great memory and not made up of selective smaller ones? And would we accomplish more greatness knowing there was never room to hate?

If wars and killings disappeared would we view everyone as family? Would racism and sexual harassment be over once and for all?

I wonder if life was simpler, if we would all begin to feel how I think we should be feeling; only love, satisfaction and our minds at ease.

I guess we all just wonder.

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