There are Good People in this World

Good evening everyone 🙂

This evening I was walking on the trails to the beach and I had earphones in listening to music. A lady who I do not know came up behind me and put both hands on my shoulders. She immediately told me I am a police officer and I did that to prove a point. She said to me if she was someone else who wanted to cause me harm, I never would have heard them coming and should always walk with at least one ear bud out.

I respect this woman highly, not for just doing her job as an officer, but for taking time out of her day to help and bring awareness to people. We all know from the headlines in the news and the horror stories that may have just happened in your neighborhood that the world can be a cruel place, but people like that woman make a difference by doing an act as simple as making someone aware.

I feel good knowing that there are people like her who help others and assists in others safety, stranger or not. There is good in this world and that woman was a fine example of this.

I challenge you all to share your expertise or provide assistance to anyone you may think needs it, even if you know the individual or not. I was taught a lesson tonight and now I can share this with others.

I hope you are all having a happy and safe weekend. 🙂

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