My Beginner Yoga Experience

Hey guys,

I have always wanted to try yoga, I have heard so many good benefits that come from practicing it and attending a yoga class is on my bucket list for when I return for University. However I thought in the meantime, I should go on YouTube, carry out some research and begin teaching myself, that way when I do attend this class session I hopefully will not look like a complete fool 🙂

I have been researching and practicing over the span of two weeks now and thought I would share all that I have learned and my opinion and experience with it.

Yoga Benefits

We all know yoga has multiple benefits but I decided to focus more on the ones that interest myself and that I think are important to most people:

  • Releases serotonin levels – This helps with happy moods and can fight depression. If ever you feel in a rut or just not yourself, try a few yoga positions and breathing techniques and you may just see a change.
  • Flexibility – I am always up for improving my body and flexibility is something that is good to work on. It is even a form of exercise.
  • Posture – Again improving my body is big for me and we all know the benefits of good posture. Slouching is so common in todays world where we are almost always sitting by a computer or over a desk in school which is never good for your posture.
  • Helps focus, memory and IQ – I think this is very important such as for school, our careers, it is always good to improve your intelligence and memory. Yoga helps you to focus more on your inner core and to be less distracted by your thoughts and is a relaxation technique. I think yoga is a fun way of doing this.
  • Helps you sleep deeper –We all need a good nights sleep and yoga allows us to get this relief away from our everyday life.
  • Prevents and helps IBS and other digestive problems – For anyone who suffers from these, yoga may be worth a try.
  • Placebo effect – We all have heard when we think something it can happen, well yoga is one of those things. If we think of the benefits I am a strong believer that transformations can occur. Positive mind thinking!


Types of Yoga

There are many different types of yoga out there that one can practice. I did some research and focused on a few that interested me. I will share them below and if any of them stand out to you, maybe give that style a try.

Iyengar Yoga – This is for beginners and its main purpose is to understand alignment and poses. It increases physical awareness, strength and flexibility.

Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga – This is all about focusing and clear emotions and the philosophical challenges in life. I thought this one was a really cool style to try as it is so easy to have suppressed emotions from life and just an unclear mind.

Jivamukti Yoga – This links with animal rights, veganism and activism. I just thought this sounded super interesting and was intrigued.

Kripalu Yoga – The primary objective is to thrive in all aspects of life and life’s decisions.


My Experience

So now I will share my experience. I went onto YouTube and have heard previously about Yoga with Adrienne and I knew she is a popular yoga instructor for all levels and types of yoga. So I decided to practice her beginner yoga videos first.


Overall I really enjoyed it. As soon as I started I could feel the areas in my body that are generally always tight and knotted such as my shoulders and back and as my moved along through the practice these areas began to feel like they were loosening. I learned when practicing yoga, energy and air is being moved within our bodies and this helps release knots, pressure, stress and any tension. Very relaxing, I instantly felt refreshed and calm.

I really recommend her beginner video. Her talking throughout the video helps you to really engage with your own body and close your eyes but still be able to follow along.

Next I decided to attempt a more focused yoga style and therefore on Yoga with Adrienne, I found a video that focused on back yoga. I always have knots and a tight and sore back so this was something I really wanted to try.

Overall it was very relaxing just like the other video and I think no matter what yoga you try, you will notice that it is very effective in relaxing you. This back yoga did cause areas in my back to crack which is always good as it releases tension and pressure. I only practiced this style once and if I was being honest, I did not notice much change or support with my back. I think maybe practicing more and longer I may then begin to notice the effectiveness but like I said just to feel relaxed and focus more on your inner core is a great benefit that I experienced through yoga.

September coming, I return to university and will be signing up for a yoga session and maybe I will do an update post on my further experiences. Trying new things is something so important and exciting for me and I mean you wont regret learning something new, so give it a try. Even if its not yoga, there has to be something you have thought about doing and I think now is the time. 🙂

The research I found online came from The Yoga Journal which is an online magazine and can be purchased as a hard copy. I found it very informative.

If you do try yoga, comment what you thought of it and any benefits that you noticed, I would love to hear it! Also if you have any other recommendations on something else to try, let me know!


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