My Summer Work Experience

I have been lucky enough to work at Bailey’s Ice Cream Parlor in Bermuda for the last 3 summers as my summer employment.

I thought it might be nice to share my experience and advice for anyone else looking for summer employment of any kind.

Firstly, Bailey’s is the best ice cream parlor on the island, ask anyone. If you visit Bermuda, visiting Baileys is a MUST! It has recently been awarded on Trip Advisor and has won awards for the ice cream itself. The ice creams are all homemade in the back of the shop and made with all natural ingredients. The ice cream is to die for, and that’s an understatement!

Bailey’s is a partnership owned by two lovely people who happen to be my bosses and if anyone asked me, I would tell you they are family. They have dedicated everything to this shop and always put their employees first. Having this great and fun relationship with my bosses is one of the main reasons why I enjoy work so much and that is something that is important for anyone beginning work experience for the first time. Having the opportunity to have amazing bosses, to love your job as well as gain benefits from the actual employment, I think is important for young individuals to initially gain a positive perspective on working and allow them to understand that working does not have to be a negative aspect in ones life.

I would recommend when looking for summer employment, meet or have an interview with the boss and people you will be working with and understand what would be required of you prior to accepting the job. This way you can see the environment you would be working in and decide if it is the right place for you. Summer employment is not long term and the main goal is to gain experience and obviously save money but like I said it is also the initial introductory stages of working in your life and gaining a positive experience and working somewhere that makes you happy, I think is a crucial bonus.

If you are one of those rare people who know exactly what they want to do in life, finding summer employment that supports your goal career is another smart tip. Maybe an internship or within a business you are interested in. For people like myself who are not sure what they would like their future to hold, maybe focus on employment that you can gain multiple benefits such as diverse skills that could be used in any work. At Bailey’s I have gained the experience of a managerial position, interacting and socializing with the tourists and locals as well as surrounded by fantastic bosses who are strongly business minded and have taught me a lot in which I have incorporated into my own work ethics.

Any work experience is better than none. No matter how easy or hard the tasks are, work your hardest, listen to what is asked of you and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Use this work experience to learn and improve and become exposed and comfortable within the business world.

My experience at Bailey’s is one I will never forget!

Good luck to you all with your own experiences with employment! 🙂


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