Fitness Journey: Tips for Staying on Track

Hi all!

I thought it would be a good idea to share a few tips that help me stay on track with my fitness routine and being healthy. Out of all people I do understand how easy it is to fall off track and suddenly end up following old habits and feeling demotivated to make healthier decisions. This is why I thought sharing tips that have helped me a lot to stay on track will also help you!

Plan ahead

Planning is a big must for me! I have a white board in my room and at the start of each week I write out what exercises I will do each day for that week. Then either on the notes in my phone or in a notebook/planner, normally the night before, I will write out the meals I will be having the next day. Sometimes I do an even larger plan and plan out my meals for the entire week and have all my cooking completed in advance. It is hard to fall of track when you have what you need to do right in front of you.

Workout Buddy

I workout with one of my close friends twice a week and I think this is a fantastic way to make sure you are exercising as well as having fun too! Knowing that you have to meet with your friend makes you more committed than you may be when just planning a workout alone as you are less likely to just not do it. You can motivate each other and I know with my friend we talk and laugh the ENTIRE time so the workout is effective but also lots of fun.

Motivation Techniques

Find what motivates you. I mention this a lot in this fitness series that everyone is different and are motivated by different things. I recommend taking pictures every week or two weeks and have them to look at your progress along the way. Use sticky notes to stick in places you always look and write things to keep you on track and motivate you. Make healthy versions of your favorite meals so you have something to look forward to. And like I mentioned previously, workout with friends or do different workouts that are more fun such as badminton, a boxing class or swimming. I mean it is summer anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

Buy new workout gear

I do not do this often but I do think it is nice to on occasion buy new workout clothes, either sports bra, shirts or workout pants or maybe new sneakers. Maybe even new headphones for listening to music while workout out. This may make you a little more excited to work out and try these new things.


Last but not least, find new music and make new playlists for your workouts. Music is such a big motivator, if I am running or doing a hard cardio workout, music is what helps me keep going and not give up. Finding new songs that I love always makes me more motivated. I literally will have the same song on repeat for my entire workout if I love it enough, which is probably not the best idea because I get sick of the song rather quickly, does anyone else do this? Haha!

Well I hope you try these tips and they give you ideas to keep you moving and motivated!

I hope you are all happily working toward your goals and if you have fallen off track, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just start again now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk again soon.

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