Summer Look Book

Hey guys,

I thought I would share photos of a few outfits I have been wearing this summer. I like watching other people’s clothing hauls and look books because it’s always nice to get style ideas and to see what clothes I would like to purchase, so here you are:











I bought both this skirt and crop top in Canada. The skirt was bought in Ardene ($15) and the top in Garage ($9.00). I wore this with some boot styled heels to a dinner with some friends.
















I bought this shirt also in Ardene ($13.00) and paired it with some light, ripped jeans and sandals. I wore this to a bar where friends and I got snacks and watched a football game.












I bought this Romper/Play suit at Bluenotes also in Canada and I think was $25.00. I find it very flattering as I normally do not like the way play suits look on me. I wore a strapless bra with this and some sandals.


I bought this black summer cami styled shirt at Ardene ($15.00) and wore it with black leggings and an over the shoulder bag with sandals.


I have been loving these ripped jeans and I know jeans are not meant for summer so I roll them up to give them a more summery look. Those sandals are one of the many that I have been wearing and bought them from Ardene.

So there are a few outfits I have enjoyed wearing this summer. Summer is the perfect opportunity to wear loose and bright colored clothing and of course sandals and flip flops. 🙂

Now I am off to the pool to get some rays. Bye for now!

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