Fitness Journey: Want to Workout your Arms?

Hey guys, Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

There are many different methods of working out. I generally enjoy doing a full body workout, therefore I am using multiple muscle groups at once which allows for more calories to be burned and more toning.

However I also believe in more focused workouts in order to give the other areas of your body a well needed rest.

This has led me to the idea of writing blog posts that focus on working out specific body parts and todays post is arms.

With weights:

I use small dumb bells, 10 pounds is a good weight for me I find. My goal is not muscular arms, I just want toned arms.

  1. Triceps over the shoulder dips (I have started with 2 sets of 30) – holding the weight behind your head and lowering and raising the weight.
  2. Bicep curls (3 sets of 15)
  3. 21’s – same as a bicep curl except the first 7 are raising the weight 30 degrees from the hip, next 7 is 90 degrees from the hip and the last 7 is 180 degrees from the hip. (I would repeat this 3 times)
  4. Over the shoulder push ups – using a weight in each hand and raising your arms straight up to the ceiling and back down to shoulder level (3 sets of 12)
  5. Outward arm lifts – holding your arms out straight on each side forming a T and lowering and raising them (3 sets 12)
  6. Deadlifts (3 sets 0f 12)

Can repeat this workout as many times as you can. It is not a typical gym workout using the arm machines, solely focuses on using dumbbells but repeating maybe 3-4 times a week, you will for sure notice a difference in regards to the toning of your arms.


Without weights:

I think I have shared this video before but it honestly is a super effective workout I do for my arms. I recommend repeating it 3-4 times a week as well. If you want to make it even harder and use weights, follow along with the video using your dumbbells.


On Lucy Wyndham-Read’s YouTube channel she has another one that is 4 minutes, but for some reason I find this one to feel more effective.

Another exercise I like to do that doesn’t require weights and I add after completing that video are arm circles. Do them for as long as you can handle.

Triceps dips I enjoy as well, either using your bed, chair or a bench, face the opposite way, lay out with your legs straight and use your arms to lower and raise your body, never touching the floor. I try to do 3 sets of 10.

The traditional pushups are another exercise I do and again I try to do 3 sets of 10.

Give these workouts a try, repeat 3-4 times a week for maybe one month and make sure to take before and after pictures. You will notice a difference! I am going to do the same 🙂


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