3 TV Shows to Binge Watch this Summer

Now we all know summer is the PERFECT time to binge watch good shows. My ideal day would be to wake up, make a yummy breakfast and tan on the beach for a few hours, then shower, wear the comfiest clothes, make the room super cold and start the binge.

I challenge you to do this now, tomorrow or the next day you are off from work. I am sorry if you do not live near beaches 😦 Go to your favorite place nearby instead! Here are three TV shows I recommend you to choose from…



I know you have all heard about Suits and maybe have already been watching it, if so, good for you. I jumped on the Suits bandwagon late. All my friends were talking about it for months and recommending it to me but for months I still didn’t end up trying it. Until about a month ago. I have been moving through slowly but surely and have really, really been enjoying it. I have fallen in love with most of the characters and the show is very successful at causing me to cry, laugh and yell at my laptop. Definitely a show you have to talk about with someone while watching! Currently I have just finished season 3 and so happy that season 4 is now on Netflix, phew!


Orphan Black


You have to watch this!!! This show is awesome. Creepy, intriguing, loveable and funny. Don’t be turned off knowing the show is about clones, it has all the elements you need in a TV show. I watched all the series a while ago but now the new episodes are on Netflix, so you know I will be catching up with this again. Trust me and watch it!




Now this show I didn’t think would be on Netflix but it is! I watched this years ago with my friends and honestly still think about it and have this longing urge to re-watch it, which is exactly what I am going to do. It is a British sci-fi comedy-drama show which if you asked me before I started watching it, I would tell you I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea. But, I LOVED it, strangely enough. The storyline is made up of a group of teenagers who are experiencing a strange weather event that leads them to developing superpowers. Just watch it! Give it a go.

Please comment any other TV shows that you have been loving and think would be a good watch for me. I haven’t watched many TV series and am definitely trying to work my way down the lists.

P.S. I am very tempted to include Orange is the New Black on this list but have decided to keep it to three. 😛 So I will sneakily put it here 🙂

Bye! 🙂


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