Summer Time Must Have Meals and Treats

I will be continuing to do as many summer centered blog posts for the next few weeks, cherishing the warm weather and relaxing beach days before autumn and then winter roll in.

Today I thought I would share a list of meals, treats and beverages that one must have at least once during this summer:

watermelon-pops-937x1024Watermelon on its own or as a salad!

Fruit salads with lots of berries and melons 🙂roasted-berry-and-honey-yogurt-popsicles-recipe

Smoothies (Lets face it, summer is the perfect time for fruit smoothies!)

Salads all kinds and colors!

Popsicles (I challenge you to make your own!)

Ice Cream Sundaes, milkshakes and slushies!!!

Tropical-Summer-Salad-2Infused water (lemon water, berries, cucumber, mint)



Corn on the Cob (Omg yes!)

Macaroni Salad (A family tradition)

BBQ foods (Keep it vegetarian like me with veggie skewers and baked potatoes or do your traditional burgers/hotdogs)

287563659Untitled-1Iced Teas!

Homemade Pizza (With all types of veggies)

Cakes and tarts (Made with fresh fruits)

YUM, YUM, YUM!! Summer just reminds me of refreshing and fun foods and drinks. Of course you must enjoy lots of these things over picnics and BBQ’s with friends and family!

Spend as much time as you can outdoors, have lots of fun and cherish summer while we still can. (Not that there is anything wrong with Christmas weather! :p)

Talk again soon! 🙂

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