5 Summer Activities You Must Do This Summer


Hey everyone!

I am in between feeling a little sad by how fast summer is going by as well as excited for Autumn weather and as always, Christmas! πŸ˜› Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas!

The point of this post is I wanted to create a little summer bucket list/reverse bucket list as some of these things I have already done and others I still would like to do, and I thought being as we are over halfway through summer now, I better get a move on with planning a few summery activities.

First one…

Summer Picnics!



I really want to make a bunch of different dishes and either take them to a park or set something up outside on my porch and have a few friends over and just have a nice time. It may be a better idea to do it a little later on in the day to avoid the overwhelming heat but some games after eating sounds like a lot of fun! πŸ™‚ Most of these pictures I have stolen from Zoella’s YouTube videos because the picnics and forts she has created are absolutely perfect!

Outside Fort/Den



This definitely has to be done on a cooler day otherwise it will be way too hot to enjoy it but building a fort with sheets and decorating it with fairy lights, pillows and blankets, playing light music, have a few snacks…doesn’t that just sound perfect!? Definitely will do this with one or two friends, blog, read or just chit-chat! πŸ™‚



Yes, this is similar to a picnic but you can agree that it is different. πŸ˜› Invite a bunch of friends over, BBQ a feast, make some really yummy dishes and beverages, decorate with fairy lights, maybe play some games, I love badminton but I know a lot of my friends will end up throwing around a rugby ball.

Water Fight


This is a required activity for every summer! My dad has always called me a water rat as ever since I was little I have always loved anything to do with water! I want to gather up as many water guns as my friends and I can find, maybe blow up a mini pool, use a hose and have a giant water fight one hot summer day. Sounds like soo much fun!

Last but not least…

A Bonfire

This I actually have already done this summer which you may have seen in a previous blog post of mine. Grab a bunch of friends, we bought a disposable BBQ, made some food and bought snacks, of course smores was included, played some music and relaxed on the beach with an awesome fire. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’ll insert a few pics of the bonfire my friends and I had:

I think if you haven’t already, you should also do these activities with your friends and make memories this summer! I want to be able to cross off all 5 activities before summer is over πŸ™‚ Hope you are all enjoying your summers, filled with lots of funΒ and finding time for yourself. Bye for now πŸ™‚

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