My Favorite Things About Summer

Hey everyone!

Currently it is a 4 day holiday where I live and this means I have time to enjoy a few summer days without having to go in for work. I am for sure using these days to soak up the sun and enjoy summery things, as it is so easy for us to wait excitedly for summer to come and then end up being so busy that it just flies right by.

I thought I would share my favorite things about summer which I know many of you will agree with my list 🙂

Firstly I love all the bright colors. This goes for bright nail polish, bright clothes, bright flowers blooming and everything in general seems to gain this glow. Sunsets included!

The Ocean. I love the beach! The sound of the waves crashing, the smell of the salt, the sound of the birds and the oceanic wildlife. To me the sea is another world, a place I go whenever I need to clear my head or have some space. Swimming is always my favorite thing and especially in the summer, the refreshment of the water is just what everyone needs.

Tanning! I guess this slightly ties in with the beach as that’s where everyone normally tans but I absolutely love the feeling of the suns rays on my body.  Almost like it is thawing my body from the winter I faced whilst in Canada for  University. With tanning does come sunscreen and every time I smell sunscreen it makes Summer so much more real for me. Sunscreen is definitely a main summer scent.

Summer styles. Summer is the perfect time for dresses, bathing suits, braids, nail polish and sandals. I love summer clothes, again they are so brightly colored and the hairstyles such as beachy waves, braids and messy buns are just fun and flattering. I love bikinis as well, so having the excuse to just throw on a bikini or a dress I am always happy about.


Summer scents. I associate the smell of rain, fresh cut grass, sunscreen, salt air and summer sprays/perfumes/lotions with this season and it is all my favorite!! Even candles, I feel they are more for winter and autumn but there are really nice summer scents that allow you the excuse to light one up. 🙂


Summer music. The playlists seem to be more uplifting, fun and for me a lot more country!

Summer activities. I love the things my friends and family do in the summer. These include BBQ’s, picnics, pool parties, bonfires, games like badminton, just all things outdoors. The best time to make the best memories!

Summer treats. I did a separate post on this already but the foods and beverages that normally are associated with summer are just all so good. Ice cream, watermelon, lemonade and so much more. Cant go wrong with any of that!


Reading! Lets face it, summer is the perfect time for reading while tanning in the sun or relaxing in a hammock. I am currently on my 6th book. Post will be coming soon!

Positivity and motivation. Now I know this isn’t a typical summer favorite but I really do associate the summer and spring seasons with being more productive and positive. Like I said, everything seems brighter and alive and I honestly think this has an effect on our own personalities and what we do each day. Also in summer there are longer days and this in itself just makes me happy!  I am more likely to wake up early and get outside whereas the winter is more stay in bed all cozied up.


Well I hope this post is helping you cherish your summer even more and get out there in the sun and have some fun! 🙂

Comment any of your summer favorites or some things you have done that you think are really awesome! 🙂

I am going to get back to enjoying the holiday!

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