Fitness Journey: Leg Workout

As promised, I am continuing with specific workouts for different parts of the body. If you haven’t already, check out my post on working out arms.

Anyway, today is all about legs! 🙂

I think workouts that focus more on legs are my favorite. I think they are more enjoyable as I find running a lot more fun than staying in one place doing arms for example. But that’s just me. 😛

Here are a few workouts and exercise moves that target solely legs and help with toning and overall weight loss in the leg area:

  1. Running
  2. Walking
  3. Hill work (running or walking up hills)
  4. Lunges
  5. Jumping lunges
  6. Squats
  7. Jumping squats
  8. Sumo squats
  9. Toe raisers
  10. Side leg extensions
  11. Hip raisers
  12. Running high knees


I thought I would also share a workout that I sometimes do that is mostly focused on legs and I do this if I am not going for a run or doing hill work:

100 Running high knees

15 lunges each leg

20 squats

20 hip raisers

10 jumping squats

10 side leg extensions each leg

15 lunges each leg

10 jumping squats

20 toes raises

Feel free to repeat this workout again.

I normally run twice a week and sometime will also include a hill workout, depending on how I am feeling. The days I do not do big runs I will incorporate this workout I listed above whenever I can.

I mentioned in a previous blog, I tend to enjoy working out all parts of my body at once, that way the more areas that are being toned, the more effective for burning body fat. Therefore the days I do not run or do hill work I incorporate multiple exercises targeting legs, arms and abs.

For those of you who like to workout following along with a video I will link a good leg workout right here:

And this one:


Well I hope this post helps and motivated you to keep working towards your goals! Use the good weather to get out and go for a run. Maybe find a workout buddy as well!

Let me know if you do any other workouts that are ideal for working out legs! 🙂

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