Fitness Journey: Things I Have Noticed Since Choosing Health and Fitness


Hey guys

I thought I would do something a little different today for my fitness series. I haven’t done a reflection in a while, mostly have been focusing on sharing workouts, so today I thought I would do a little change.

I have always worked out my entire life either it be sports in school or small workouts with friends, but only within the recent years have I really taken to working out regularly and it becoming apart of my daily schedule.

Therefore I thought it would be nice to discuss changes and benefits that I have noticed since choosing fitness and healthy eating to be a major aspect to my life.

Firstly, the physical benefits.

Typically the main reason for people to begin working out and eating healthy is either to lose weight, gain the body goals they would like or to just be healthier. Since starting a daily schedule of exercising, I have noticed all areas of my body to be more toned. Especially my stomach area, calves and arms. My thighs are showing a little toning but I am still not quite where I would like to be.

Toning is good! The more toned your muscles are, the more you are able to burn body fat. Not only have I just noticed my body toning but I have noticed a little weight loss. Pictures and clothes are the best measurements I believe. Progress pictures and seeing if the clothes that use to be tight are any looser fitting, really are great indicators of weight loss. Don’t get too caught up with measurements on a scale, our body fluctuates daily and muscle weighs more than fat. I will be honest, I would notice a lot more weight loss if I remained consistent with my diet. Don’t get me wrong, I eat super clean and healthy, but for me it is 90% of the time. When I allow myself a cheat, I sometimes struggle like others with the binge eating and getting back on track, but that’s what this series is for. Its a journey which many of us are going through.

My next goal, I think I will start for the month of August, is to eat clean and healthy all month to end summer with a positive note. Then of course continue when back at University but I will allow myself to have cheats again, once a week seems to be reasonable for me.

SO, so far I have mentioned more toning of my body, slight weight loss but I have also noticed more curves. This doesn’t mean I have gained in other areas and look curvy that way, I mean my waist seems to have taken in a bit and has given me a curved look. I really like this actually. Remember to focus on your goals and do exercises that will help you specifically achieve those goals either it be like mine – toned abs and smaller thighs, or maybe you want to just lose in your arms or gain muscle in your legs. Whatever it is, stay focused for you!

Non-physical benefits:

When dedicated to my fitness routine, seeing results, feeling healthy, my overall confidence and personality changes to the better. I become so happy and confident in my own skin, I notice I begin to strive to do more in my life and I feel more productive and focused on the things I want to achieve. This to me, means more than any weight loss. Honestly, to feel happy and to love yourself for what and who you are, is such an amazing feeling and I wish for everyone to have that feeling. Confidence is such a strong thing and so important!

Furthermore, when working out, my mind seems to feel more free and I find myself getting stressed less and everything seems to be easier to face and tackle. I know many people say to go for a run if your upset or stressed and I honestly believe fitness can fix anything. My mental state, when I am feeling sick or emotionally down, fitness is always a cure that I can count on to help.

On a more external level, I also notice relationships, this not only with ones significant other but with friends and family as well seems to improve and be more positive. I know that when I am dedicated to my goals, happy and confident, this radiates into my relationships and makes them stronger overall. You tend to become a better person and radiate this into all areas of your life.

Extra benefits:

Now I am not too sure if I have the summer weather or the water I have been drinking a lot more of to thank, but my skin seems to be clearer and glowing. This tends to happen every summer anyway because of the minerals in the sea and just being more hydrated but I know people say when working out it helps with your skin as well. I would like to think my fitness routine has contributed anyway.

I find my body craves the good stuff. By this I mean, my body will crave fruits and raw vegetables over the typical junk food and fast food. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is so true and eating clean and healthy fuels my body and makes me feel great inside and out.

Lastly, as odd as this sounds, when I workout I find myself to be less tired throughout the day and generally more energetic. Many trainers say this is true and I definitely believe it. Do a small workout in the morning and watch how much it makes a difference to the rest of your day!

Well that’s all for today! I hope you are all enjoying your day and that your fitness goals are getting nearer and nearer. 🙂 Keep pushing!

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