Things I Could Not Live Without

That statement sounds really dramatic, I know. I probably could live without these things but I decided these are the things at the top of the list that would be the hardest to give up and/or are the most important to me:




The Ocean

Family including pets


Those are what I can think of. Reading has always been something I enjoy and is a way for me to have time to myself to relax and just feel content. YouTube has the same effect. There are many YouTubers who I have been watching for years and I look forward to their videos and you become involved in their lives and it becomes a routine to watch their videos. Running is another thing I do to feel free and to get away from everyday life, to release stress and manage emotions and just to feel good and healthy inside. The ocean has always been my go to when life seems to get a little hard or my head is unclear. The sound of the waves and the calmness the sea can bring to a person can never be beat. Family is always important to me and are the only people you absolutely need in your life. Lastly music always helps with different parts of my life, either me feeling sad, working out, needing motivation, music can honestly help with anything.

This was just a simple post I thought I would upload.

I hope you are all having a fantastic day 🙂

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