A Day In My Life: Summer Edition

Hey guys,

I thought I would upload one of these posts as I find them really cool to look at and fun to do. I had Saturday off from work and decided to make it filled with things that make me feel like I am using summer as I should be. So here was my day:

Woke up at 9:00am, no alarm. Started my day with some lemon water, lately I have been waking up really thirsty.IMG_0018.JPG

I did a workout. Walked/ran along the beach, road, up the dunes for maybe 35 minutes. It was a hot morning!



Made myself breakfast, consisted of a very yummy smoothie! Orange juice, watermelon juice, watermelon, frozen tropical blend, spinach, kale and honey. Had two glasses of it and saved some for a smoothie bowl for another date.



Changed into a bikini, packed a beach bag: Book, two towels, sunglasses, water, phone, sunscreen and walked across the street to the beach. I am lucky enough that I live right by the beaches. I laid out my two towels, put my stuff out and tanned, read, swam a little, took some pictures and tanned some more. Was at the beach for maybe two hours. As soon as I begin to feel I may be burning I left.






Showered again. I had to.

Braided my hair, put on some nicer clothes and went to a little café/store in town where I bought another smoothie and decided to do some writing. I am obsessed with smoothie! The one I always get when at this store is a peanut butter cup – chocolate almond milk, peanut butter and chocolate protein powder. I did writing for some of the time I was there. One of my friends came and visited me and got a smoothie also so spent most of the time catching up with her.


After about 2 and a half hours at the store, writing and catching up, then went back home. My aunt came over for dinner and I spent the rest of the night with family. We all went for a drive to visit my grandparents old house, going down memory lane and enjoyed dinner and talking together. My dinner: vegetable bowl with brown rice and quinoa, pumpkin, squash, avocado, kale and romaine lettuce. Desert: An embarrassing amount of date squares that my Aunt made. So good!

Ended the day with doing this blog post, watching Suits on Netflix, reading and relaxing. A very good day. I love days that mix time with friends, family and myself all in one and especially anytime spent outdoors or doing things productive.

Tomorrow I am back to work. I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! Keep smiling. 🙂

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