Things I Do To Save My Happiness

You probably read that title and was like what?

I am one of those people who cherish every little moment of happiness and good memories as I can. Life is a roller coaster and I like to think when you have the bad days, they are only going to make the good days even better.

There are many things I do to cherish happy memories and thoughts and I think it will be nice to share them here on my blog in case anyone else would like to give one a try.

My number one way is a diary. Even though I write all my thoughts in my diary, which includes the bad, I always try to talk about the good things as well. That way in the future I can read back on it and remember it and understand that happy moment again.

My second way is a happy book. This is just what I call it but I have a pocket size notebook that whenever you get those overwhelming, joyful feelings or nostalgia or just something that makes you super happy, could be a song, a moment with your friends or a reflection on your own, I write the time, date and place in the notebook and I will briefly explain what it is that has made me feel happy. That way if ever you are having a bad day or need something to cheer you up, you can open your book and read what you have put inside and recreate that memory once again and hopefully relive that feeling.

Thirdly, I take pictures or videos. There is no easier way to save a memory other than a photograph or a video. Such a vivid way to relive a happy memory. I would like to highly recommend an app I have recently been using, it is called one second of everyday and what you do is you take a video of something you are doing everyday and you save a one second clip to the app. The app saves your clips and you can create a movie where you watch your memories over how long you have been saving them. Therefore if you do a one second clip everyday for a year, you can play the movie and it will show all your memories for that year. I thought that was such a great idea to cherish moments in your life and with it being only a second long you know those are the moments you chose as ones that meant a lot or you wanted to remember most.

Well I hope my ways of saving happiness has made you want to embrace the little moments and take more time enjoying and saving the things in life that make you smile. I hope you are all living within happy moments and memories! 🙂

Talk again soon.

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