Aged 20 Realities

I have decided to write this post as over recent time, all within being 20 years of age I have learned and realized things that are natural parts of life but still significant. These things I thought I would share;

It has become a reality to me recently that I am at the stage where I am learning which of my friends are the closest to me and the ones that will potentially be my long lasting friendships. We all know as we grow older we watch some of our friends come and go, and by a certain age we have very few friends remaining, probably all can be counted on one hand. This isn’t a bad thing, but for me shows that I am growing into the person I am meant to be and their will be friends who will also grow in a similar direction as myself as well as others who grow apart. I also notice the style of friendships will change. My friendships are more catch-ups about our lives and less frequent times together but I find I really like this more. It makes time with friends more special, I get to see my friends grow and move into their own life paths and its always great fun to catch up.

Another lesson being learned is relationships become a lot more meaningful. Suddenly life becomes a lot more cherish able and time spent with family becomes even more important than before. Relationships as well becomes on a more serious level, finding people to be with is not like relationships when we were younger but now more with the mindset of long term and a healthy, happy relationship.

I have also really started to figure out the things that mean most to me and what I really enjoy. Fitness, cooking, healthy lifestyles have all become important parts of my life and I really enjoy them. I always have little projects in progress, my recent one I have started is I have decided to write a book! That’s all I will say right now, I am debating to do a blog post about it or not but I would say overall I am learning a lot more about myself!

Lastly, I would say I feel like I hold my future closer within my hands. I am beginning to think of things I may possibly want to do and try and goals seems less impossible or far fetched. I have always had a goal to live somewhere different for a little while, my dream would be California and to me this isn’t impossible. If I wanted to go, I could. Its a great feeling to have!

Being 20 has been an emotional year, both good and bad. Lessons are being learned, things are changing and things are becoming more realistic and it has also been very exciting. I feel excited for my future and its possibilities.


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