A Day in My Life: Summer Edition

I did one of these posts before and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to do some more before summer is over so I can have them as memories of my summer days and I think they are interesting for others to see to give ideas on how to spend your summers as well.

I decided to record a Saturday, obviously when I am not working and had a few fun things planned as well as put aside some time for myself so here was my day 🙂

In the morning my friend and I had booked a jet ski tour which was amazing! It was 75 minutes and it was kind of rough that day so we were airborne for some moments and it was a little painful with all of the bouncing but despite all of that, it was soo fun! Super fast and we got to feed and swim with fish!

After the tour I came home and decided to sit out for a bit and tan. I did some writing and reading and it was really nice and super hot.

I always have my little tanning buddy when I tan outside my house 🙂



I then decided to take a nice relaxing bath, I put on some YouTube, read a little and made lots and lots of bubbles. It was really relaxing and much needed.


I then went to a nearby café styled store and bought a protein smoothie and did some writing for my book I am working on 🙂 I saw a few friends but mostly was a really nice time for myself and as usual, I enjoyed my smoothie. Peanut butter cup protein smoothie is my absolute favorite!

Later that day I went for a run and did hill work. Exercising is a part of my everyday schedule and for me is a stress reliever and I really do enjoy it. I went on the beach and did the nearby hill.

Lastly I had a BBQ with my family and it was super nice and a great way to finish my day off!


Make the most of the rest of this summer!! 🙂

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