Fitness Journey: Progress Update

Hey guys,

I have been following along with my goal and it is really working for me. This is my second week almost complete since starting my newest goal or routine and I am really happy with it.

For those of you who haven’t read my past post on my fitness goal it is to eat clean and healthy as well as exercise daily from Monday to Saturday and use Sunday as my rest and cheat day. What I really like about this goal and what seems to be why it works for me is I always have Sunday to look forward to and is a huge motivator for me to stay healthy and active throughout the week. When I do cheat and eat whatever I want on Sunday, I feel like I deserve it, I am proud of my weekly success and I don’t have to feel guilty. That’s the best part!

I think whatever fitness goal one decides on it is important to plan it accordingly to the goal and progress you want to achieve but to also remember life is short and you need to enjoy it and not be super restrictive to where you are unhappy or increasing your chances of not reaching your goals. Find what works for you!

Overall the progress I have noticed at almost the completion of two weeks is:

No bloating:

Because I am eating clean and healthy, I find myself bloating a lot less, I do not have that sluggish feeling like I am carrying heavy food in my stomach and this also shows on the outside. Clothes fit nicer and I am more comfortable not having to worry about bloating.

More energetic:

Between exercise daily and fueling my body with healthy foods, I find I am less tired and sluggish and my overall moods improve. I can move through the day without having to drink coffee, or take a nap or just feel exhausted. Because of this energy, I do feel happier and I am more productive during the week.

Confidence boost:

This has always been a big thing for me as my personality and moods are largely intertwined with what foods I am eating. When I am exercising and eating healthy I feel more confident in my own skin, I can face more things than I could when I am eating unhealthy and I am just happy overall. It is important to me to not only make fitness goals for my physical appearance but also internally, I want to feel confident and happy in my own skin and life.

Weight loss and toning:

Of course this comes with eating healthy and exercising. It has only been two weeks so I haven’t noticed a huge difference in weight loss, but I have noticed some of my clothes feeling a little looser on me. What I have noticed is a lot of toning in my thigh and ab areas which in itself is super motivating. My oblique’s are more distinct and I can see changes in my thighs.

Less cravings

You would think eating less junk food and fast food you will want it more but it actually changes. I find I actually crave more nutritious foods, especially all types of fruit! I begin to look forward to meals based around vegetables and fruits and I take more time out to cook good meals that I like and are good for me.

Stomach shrinking

This is a big change I have noticed. I find myself eating less as I get full faster and I am not hungry as often. Last Sunday which was my first cheat day I would get full so quickly I didn’t even get to have all the “bad” things I wanted to! haha I shouldn’t be complaining. But for sure my stomach has shrunk!

If you have a recent fitness goal please comment what it is and how long you have been doing it for. I am interested in things like that and any tips at all you would like to share! 🙂


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