Came across this quote and loved it. I know, it has been around for awhile.

This is exactly my mindset for the past few months, mostly since my 20th birthday. I made a goal to myself to focus on me, to better myself and to not let myself down. By achieving this I ensure I put time aside for myself and doing things I love to do, spend time with good and positive people, learn new things and become a better version of myself overall.

Taking care of yourself is important. Not selfish.

To reach your goals, to be confident and happy, to ensure you are in a healthy mind set and position in life, you must put yourself first. Who you are is what you reflect. Be a positive, happy and healthy individual who understands that you are the most important person in this world and you will reflect this positivity to others and hopefully spread it.

Here are a few things to sit back and think if you are doing these or maybe need to put more time and effort aside to do so in order to make a better version of you:

Eating healthy

Exercising/Being active

Spending time with friends and family (The ones that make you happy)

Make future goals


Learn and try new things

Get fresh air and spend time in the outdoors

Plan a day or vacation that focuses on things you need

Treat yourself

Do your favorite hobbies/past times

Surround yourself with animals

Laugh and smile


These are all things that are important and helpful in become a happier and more positive version of you. Remind yourself of the quote and embrace it each day.

Talk again soon 🙂

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