My Favorite Summer Memories

I still cannot get over how quickly this summer went by. I feel like I just flew back home and now I have to begin packing to go back to University. Nonetheless, I did have a pretty awesome summer. I worked for the majority of it but I love being at my job so it wasn’t a bad thing and over the summer I had a lot of fun times with my friends and family as well as doing things that I really enjoy.

I thought I would share my favorite memories this summer and create a little memory post to be able to look back on in the future. So here is to 2016 summer:

Driving with friends was always something fun to do at night. My friend Brittney and I mostly and one night we grabbed a bunch of snacks and parked at a place that had a really nice view in the city and just talked, listened to music that reminded us of our childhoods and ate the junk food. Another night was me and three of my guy friends and we drove all over the Island while most of them caught lots and lots of Pokémon. The picture where my friend Brittney and I look soaking wet is when she forced me to go to Harbor Nights event just to grab mini donuts and it ended up pouring. (Do it for the donuts!) Haha.



This is a picture I took of my friend on one of our adventures to Southlands park where we went to get some exercise and take pictures that we thought were really awesome for Instagram and my blog haha. These are some of the pictures I took that I thought turned out to be really cool:


This was when my three close friends and I went to dinner at Portofino’s and was the first we all got together since last summer and it was really nice to catch up and spend time together. On the way back to my car, two of my friends and I ended up having an unexpected photo shoot. It was the funniest thing!


Much of my summer is filled with memories of the runs I use to do, either early in the morning or later in the evening. This is something I really, really enjoyed. It was time to myself, me at my happiest moment exercising and being in beautiful Bermuda. My fondest memories are early morning runs to Southampton Princess hotel, along the railway track and the new bridge at Bailey’s Bay area and of course the beaches by my house. In the evenings I enjoyed seeing the usual beach volleyball and others running and walking along the beach, it felt like a little fitness family that I knew I would always see. The picture of me sitting on a couch made of sand is something my friend and I found randomly on one of our walks along the beach.



This is more of a funny memory as I caught my cat trying to attack this little sparrow. (That part isn’t funny but the rest is!) I saved him but long story short he got away from me inside my house and I was chasing him for a long time to try to release him back outside and not be late too work! Of course that would have happened to me haha.


Working at Baileys Ice Cream parlor made my summer also. I have worked here for the past three summers and these are memories I will never forget. The girl in the picture is my coworker Dee and that is her packing a pint and is one of the many she ate that summer! Memories with her, my boss Joey and Eernie and a lot of the customers are really happy and fun memories and this is the best summer job. I did a post on my experience for anyone interested by the way.


These are a few pictures I took while tanning at different places. Grotto Bay is one of the places I really enjoyed going to, it is actually a small resort for tourists but also open to the public. I went here a lot when my friend was visiting from Canada and the pool, the Jacuzzi and the beach are really nice. I tanned a lot outside my house and my puppy Tamber loves when I put out a towel for her as well but of course she has to be in the shade. I also really enjoyed one particular day where I woke up kind of early, went to the Long Bay beach with a book and some of my writing things and it was very peaceful, the beach has always been my favorite place and tanning is one of my favorite things along with reading.


These are some pictures I took of my pets over summer, I am missing pictures of my other cat Oki but spending time with them and my family are the best memories I could ever have. One day I took Tamber for a drive in the car and as you can see by her tongue hanging way out of her mouth, she loved it! She is my little shotgun rider.


This night was lots of fun and something I always want to remember. I find it a little harder nowadays to get all of my friends together all at once but this night, with a lot of planning, we organized a really fun bon fire at the beaches near my house. I took some old chairs from my house to the beach and the guys made burgers, I made Smores and we all spent time together and it was lots of fun.


These are a few pictures I took when I went to the café at Miles and as you can see by two of the pictures I always got the same smoothie, a protein peanut butter cup smoothie. SO delicious!! I came to Miles a lot and would buy a smoothie and write my book I started over the summer. One of my friends work here and a lot of my other friends would also come and it was a nice place to talk and catch up. One of my favorite memories while being here was one day, catching up with my friend Josh talking about a book he has for work and another is me alone writing my book with a smoothie.


These are a few pictures I took when my friend from Canada visited for a week in the beginning of the summer. This is a really special memory as well because it was the first time I have brought someone from away back to my home and I played tour guide for an entire week haha. We did so many fun things like jet skiing which ended with one of my favorite memories, swimming in a school of fish, we got those yummy ice cream sundaes, tanned at grotto, went to the clubs on a Friday night, had a pizza night and drove all around Bermuda. A very nice memory!



Writing about jet skiing, this is a picture I took on my second time jet skiing this summer. This time it was with my friend Brittney and it was her first time ever on one which I was happy I got to share the experience with her. It was a rough day on the water and all I can remember is bouncing the entire way and laughing so hard! Her and I also jumped in with the fish. It was a really fun time!




Lastly, this summer as well as every summer I make it my goal to read a lot and this is one of my favorites things about summer. Grabbing a book, sitting out in the sun or cozied up in bed and just being immersed in a story is what summer is all about. 🙂

I just want to share one more significant thing this summer and that is I decided to start writing a book. Not going to talk much about it but when I look back on this post I didn’t want to forget I did.

This summer has been amazing! Many memories have been made and I am happy looking back on 2016 summer. For the rest of the time remaining I will be tanning, reading and spending time with family and friends 🙂

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