August Favorites

Things I have been loving this month:


Dry shampoo

I have always known about dry shampoo obviously but just this past month I have been using it a lot and I love it. The days that I may not have enough time to wash my hair, I will spray in dry shampoo and I feel better until I can wash it. The brand I use is Batiste and it has a fresh, tropical scent, it doesn’t make my hair feel greasy or sticky nor does it feel like there is a product in my hair. It dries super fast, as soon as you spray it on and it can also be used to add volume and shape to your hair such as beachy waves.


NARS concealer

I have talked about this before in a favorites post but it has made it to another. I have been using it under my eyes and I honestly think it makes a huge difference in  making me look more awake and making me eyes pop and of course is perfect for covering blemishes or spots. The coverage is really good, it lasts pretty well during the day.



I have been LOVING suits! I just finished season 4 and where I am right now, Netflix isn’t allowing me to watch season 5. So cruel! I will have to wait on the edge of my seat until I go back to Canada in September to continue watching. So many of my friends were recommending it to me for the longest time but I never actually watched it until the beginning of summer and I am addicted. I didn’t think I would like it at first being as I heard it was based mostly on lawyers and was a little different than my typical CIA, detective type TV shows but I really enjoy it. The relationships between the characters is what makes me so interested and I think the main reason why I love it as well as the many plot twists in each episode. Watch it!


Dried fruit

Actually obsessed with this as a snack lately. I also sometimes have it in my yogurt bowls and salads. So yummy for when you have a sweet tooth but want to stay healthy. To me they are the healthier version of fruit gummies or candy’s and are prefect for on the go.

Those are a few things I have been loving this month 🙂 I cannot believe it is August already!!



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