A Day in My Life Summer Edition

Hey guys, I am sad to say this may be the last summer blog post as summer officially is coming to an end. I fly back to school this Sunday and I have noticed the weather already changing here at home in Bermuda. We are slowly moving in to our hurricane season, hoping for the best. I thought there is no better way than having the last summer post be A Day in My life post and this particular one is really special because it was an entire day spent with one of my closest friends and is definitely a memorable one!

We woke up early and decided to go for breakfast and over breakfast plan the day! We went to one of my favorite little grocery/café spots which I always go to write my book and I got a yummy berry tart while she got a muffin. Then we made an actual schedule of what we wanted to do haha.

As you can see we had little birdies to keep us company as well. They were so cute and I loved the little one on the ground that made itself look like a pancake haha.

After breakfast our first stop to visit was Fort Hamilton. Bermuda has many old forts at many locations on the island and were used to protect the island. The canons are still in place and you can go and have a self tour around the land, but Fort Hamilton is my favorite one because it reminds me of a giant jungle.

As you can see from the pictures, at a certain area in the fort you have such an amazing view of Bermuda, mostly the city. But I just really enjoyed being in the jungle area and seeing so much vegetation and pretty flowers!


This picture just gives a better idea of the view we got of Bermuda!

After Fort Hamilton we drove to a place called The Gardens. I have been wanting to visit this place for a long time but the opening hours never worked with my schedule and they were always closed for weekends. Why? I don’t know. The Gardens is exactly as it sounds, a huge area of land that has ponds, lots of different vegetation and there in the back there is a pond shaped as the island of Bermuda which is awesome to see.

The parrot that we ended up seeing was insane! He started singing the National Anthem and was straight talking to us. It was hilarious to think that if anyone saw, they definitely watched us talk to a parrot for a good 15 minutes! The little house covered in green leaves looked just like a little hobbit house and it ended up being a well where people could throw coins and they are actually collected and given to charity. It was so fun here, we took loads of pictures including of ourselves but overall one of my favorite parts of the day for sure!

Next we had planned to go to a place called Ariel Sound and it ended up we could get to this place through the back of the Gardens so it worked out really well! At this point we see the sky getting grey and rain over on the water so we are wary of getting soaking wet very soon haha. Ariel sound is a rocky beach area but there is a man made pool that is literally on the beach with salt water and it is just so awesome. There are little fish and you can swim in it and technically you are in the sea, but at the same time you arnt, you are in a pool. Its tricky, the pictures will tell haha.

As you can see its super pretty and one of my favorite places on the Island. Just doing this post is making me want to go there right now! I threw in a few pictures of what we saw of the weather before it poured but you can see how dark it was getting, but it was all fun!

Literally as soon as we made it to the car, the sky released. It poured! The roads were getting flooded but we continued with our day! And the good part was all the outdoor, exploring parts were over so we couldn’t complain since the rain held off until then. 🙂

We decided to wait until the rain slowed up and we drove to Bailey’s Bay Bridge which is like a little fishing area but a great view of the water. We parked there for like an hour and watched the rain on the water and talked. We saw some turtles poke their heads out of the water but as boring as this may sound, this was probably my second favorite part of the day, after the Gardens! It was super relaxing and just pleasant 🙂

We went to lunch in St Georges at a place called White Horse which had a view of the water. I ordered a veggie quesadilla and Brittney had a pulled pork sandwich. It was really nice 🙂

Then we took a drive through St Georges by the Fort and Tabacco Bay Beach and then of course on the way back home we stopped at my job to get ice cream. YUM!


We finished the day off with an impulse purchase of matching bracelets as we both left for school again soon and chilled at my house, ordered take-out and watched Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. Perfect end to the day I would say!


This was one of my favorite days of 2016 summer! Memories like these are what we all have to live for 🙂


I hope you all had a fantastic summer and are not too bummed that it is over. I do always have that excitement of Christmas in the back of my head haha but summer in Bermuda has always been my favorite thing and the best childhood memories.

Goodbye to Summer 2016 xx.


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